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Intergenerational Peacebuilding Among Women: Leveraging the Power of Collaboration


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Compounding crises related to inequalities and violence, health, the environment and food and water insecurity affect people across generations, and solutions to build lasting peace require the involvement and leadership of people of all generations. This report focuses on how generation and age differences affect peacebuilding work among women by analyzing how women and women’s organizations are using intergenerational strategies and partnerships to build peace.

Intergenerational Peacebuilding Among Women: Leveraging the Power of Collaboration argues that women’s and women’s organizations’ intergenerational peacebuilding efforts and potential must be better recognized, supported, developed and encouraged at the national and international levels alike. Through the case studies, the report shows examples of existing efforts, opportunities and challenges, with the goal of shaping and influencing how decision-makers and funders approach intergenerational partnerships and strategies as part of peacebuilding work.

Since 2002, the Kroc IPJ has hosted the Women PeaceMakers Fellowship program. The Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for women peacebuilders to engage in a cycle of learning, practice, research and participation that strengthens peacebuilding partnerships. The Women PeaceMakers Fellowship facilitates impactful collaborations between women peacebuilders from conflict-affected communities and international partner organizations. The Fellows also co-create research intended to shape the peacebuilding field and highlight good practices for peacebuilding design and implementation.