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Recent and Upcoming Events

The Kroc School offers a variety of virtual and in-person events to help prospective students learn about our graduate programs, the application process, and topics related to peace, justice, social innovation, and conflict management and resolution. 

You are also welcome to schedule a meeting with our Admissions team at a time that works for you or take a virtual tour

We hope the opportunities below help you take the next step towards your graduate journey. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Study Social Innovation and Get in the Business of Social Change

How do we close the gap between the world we have today and the world we desperately want? In this video, three leading Kroc School professors who teach in the MA in Social Innovation program share insight that will help you learn about the exciting field of Social Innovation, and also determine whether a degree and a career focused on Social Innovation is right for you.

Navigating Graduate Education as a First-Gen Student

For an applicant who is the first in the family to attend a graduate program, the application process can be especially daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. This virtual panel will address common concerns from graduate applicants who identify as first-generation students. You’ll get advice on how to navigate the graduate admissions process and what resources to look for when selecting the right university for you.

How to Prepare Your Best Application for Grad School

Getting into a competitive graduate school program can be difficult, but what separates those who are accepted from those who are not is a truly compelling application. In this webinar, you’ll hear from three admissions experts about common missteps to avoid in your application, how to write a compelling application essay, who you should ask to write a letter of recommendation, and other tips to help you stand out as an applicant.

Who Should Study Conflict Management and Resolution?

When managed effectively, conflict can transform communities and organizations for the better by increasing empathy, boosting productivity, and shaping a more collaborative culture. In this webinar, you’ll hear from experts about what conflict management and resolution looks like today, which professions benefit from mastery in navigating conflict, how a Master’s in Conflict Management and Resolution can advance your career, and more. 

Rolling With the Punches: Peace, Social Change and The Art of Adaptability

When working as a peacebuilder, not everything goes as planned. Circumstances often change, and thus the ability to adapt to the moment you suddenly find yourself in is a critically important skill. In this webinar, Kroc School Professor of Practice Michael Fryer leads a presentation about his own experiences with adjusting to changing situations and highlights that the COVID-19 pandemic comes with its own opportunities to make a positive impact as a peacebuilder.

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