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How Peace and
Conflict Studies Make You a
Top-Tier Job Candidate

Exploring the Field of Conflict Management and Resolution

Pursuing peace and conflict studies can equip you with the knowledge and experience to: understand the underlying causes of conflict; anticipate, prevent, resolve or transform conflicts wherever they arise; and build more peaceful, just and collaborative societies. 

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Foster the development of a more peaceful, just and collaborative society.

Conflict is a normal part of all aspects of life. Whether it happens within a family, a workplace, the communities where we live or between states, conflict is a natural part of human interaction. It’s neither inherently negative or positive but it should be anticipated. Through studying and learning more about the nature and dynamics of conflict, we can respond to it constructively. The manner in which we engage with conflict shapes the potential growth, development and opportunities that can emerge.

Those who choose to work in conflict management and resolution develop the insights and tools that help encourage cultures where people move beyond the potentially destructive and violent aspects of conflict in order to maximize its creative potential.


This eBook Covers:

What is Conflict Management and Resolution?

The diversity of opinions, backgrounds, customs, beliefs and cultures in our world today can often lead to tension. Those in the field of conflict management and resolution choose to focus on and develop proven approaches that cultivate mutual respect and understanding.


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Who Should Earn a Master's in Conflict Management and Resolution?

A Master's of Science degree in Conflict Management and Resolution will make you competitive in every sector. Download the eBook to see if you will benefit from the advanced skills that are developed in this program. 


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Career Opportunities in the Field

In the midst of a polarized political climate, a severe economic crisis, a mediascape full of disinformation and other conditions creating tension among individuals and groups, experts in conflict management and resolution are sorely needed. 

This eBook dives into the specific skills needed for the field and various potential career paths. 


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