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Innovating to Build Peace and Justice 

Learn how we are inspiring the next generation of social innovators, inspired researchers, and moral imagineers shaping peaceful and just societies.

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The Nation's First Stand-Alone School Focusing On Peace and Justice

We are pioneers of peace education in the United States, offering three graduate programs and a dual degree, all with innovation at their core. Students will find a wide range of initiatives focused on activating change, and the opportunity to engage with people and organizations driving social impact. If you believe as we do, that in every great challenge, there is great opportunity to learn, to discover, and to achieve the highest vision we hold for ourselves and each other, then we encourage you to join us.

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The Global Hub for Peacebuilding and Social Innovation

Global change depends on connecting individuals from different backgrounds and offering opportunities for them to learn new perspectives — and to think beyond boundaries.

Our students come from more than 50 countries to advance and amplify their professional work in peace and justice, social innovation, and conflict management and resolution. If you have the courage to lead change locally, regionally and internationally, you are invited to join our community and become an ally in our global network to create a better world.

Turn Theory Into Practice Through Real-World Projects 

We feature intensive interdisciplinary academic programs, where students gain knowledge by participating in real-world projects and decision-making with ample opportunities to connect with leaders in the field.

Our proximity to the border and long-term relationships with cross-border communities provide our faculty and students with unique opportunities to reformulate and transform pressing peace and justice issues in real time. Whether dealing with mass violence, migration or economic inequality, our students can plug into existing networks, gain firsthand experience and turn theory into practice.

Outstanding Professors Dedicated to Student Success 

We have a global team of peacebuilders and social innovators at the Kroc School — an extraordinary group of experts who are as deeply passionate about their students' success as they are about shaping a better world. As researchers, practitioners and moral imagineers, we are at the forefront of our field. We recognize that building peace with justice depends on our ability to prepare the next generation of changemakers.

Whether standing by the whiteboard or on a busy street in a distant city, Kroc School professors draw from their ongoing engagement in communities, deploying their expertise in real situations, making each lesson relevant and impactful.

If you're ready to advance on your journey as a changemaker, innovator, or peacemaker, complete the form on this page to learn more about the programs offered at the Kroc School.

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