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The Kroc School’s M.S. in Conflict Management and Resolution Program Course Guide

Download the program course guide to learn how you can more effectively transform conflict into positive change.

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Hybrid Modality Designed for Working Professionals

Our Master of Science in Conflict Management and Resolution (MS-CMR) is a multidisciplinary program designed for working professionals in any field seeking the opportunity to cultivate new skills to effectively manage and resolve conflict in order to create positive change. Whether you are a professional looking to master critical competency for your workplace, or looking to advance as a conflict management or resolution professional, this degree can propel you forward in your career.

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Transform Conflict Into Positive Change

Where most people see conflict as a problem, we consider it a normal part of the human experience and an opportunity to cultivate positive change. Rated one of the nation's best programs for training new leaders in negotiation, mediation, facilitation, and dialogue, the MS-CMR degree will give you the practical skills, expertise and experience to learn how to effectively manage and resolve conflicts. Through experimentation, simulation and practice, inside and outside the classroom, you will understand and address individual, organizational, and system-level conflict in a variety of cultural contexts.

Leveraging a Master's in Conflict Management and Resolution: Hear Three Students' Perspectives

With an M.S. in Conflict Management and Resolution, you will return to your community and workplace equipped with the ability to constructively manage a wide range of conflicts; to establish policies and procedures that value the input of each employee; to renegotiate unhealthy power dynamics and structures in order to strengthen a culture of collaboration; and to shape institutions that are less hierarchical, more effective, and that thrive on creativity and flexibility. 

Want to learn more? Listen to three of our student's recount how the Kroc School has empowered them with the tools and experiences to continue transforming conflict into positive change in communities locally and internationally.

Navigate Conflict and Peace in a Wide Range of Careers

The MS in Conflict Management and Resolution is a stepping stone that can take you further in your current field, or enable you to pivot into a new position related to effective conflict management in fields such as human resources, healthcare, education, law enforcement, and more.

As the world changes, this degree can be the critical step in helping you become an adaptive, experienced, and highly-skilled professional that becomes increasingly invaluable in any workplace and beyond.

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