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What is Social Innovation? A Guide for Activists Who Want to Lead Social Change

We can't afford to wait for others to solve the biggest problems of our time. Read this eBook to learn how you can build a more just, equitable and habitable world.

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Learn to Build a More Just, Equitable and Habitable World

The world is facing serious challenges, from climate change to growing socio-economic inequality to ongoing violence and injustice. Given where we are, we cannot afford to wait for others to solve the biggest problems of our time.

It has become clear our existing institutions and programs are not sufficient to address current problems at local, national and global levels. In fact, it is the current order of things that often creates or perpetuates social problems. Our hyperconnected, fast-moving and complex world demands fresh ideas, alternative approaches, and new ways of doing things to shape a better future.


This eBook Covers:

What is Social Innovation?

For some problems, it is enough to find a solution, but for others, no progress toward peace and justice is possible until there is a disruption of the current unjust systems. Social innovation can be an avenue for this disruption.


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How Social Entrepreneurs, Social Enterprises and Social Innovation Tie Together

Social entrepreneurs, social enterprises and social innovation are three elements of social change. Real people work together to bring real change where it matters.

Reyanne Mustafa and Kristian Krugman of SoulMuch Cookies are a shining example. Find out how they sparked social innovation by becoming social entrepreneurs.


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Social Intrapreneurship vs. Social Entrepreneurship

No one has all the answers. We need a multitude of changemakers with an entrepreneurial mindset working together across all fields because many of the most challenging problems humanity is facing can only be solved through collaboration of people from different backgrounds.

Social innovation is required to achieve the tectonic shifts needed to preserve humanity, and social entrepreneurs and social intrapreneurs are needed to lead the change in businesses, governments and nonprofits.


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